Saturday, April 25, 2015

*New* Justa Gigolo Challenge!

Hi all you simmer fans!! Welcome to my new challenge I've created! After my "Boy Gone Wild - 100 Alien Baby Challenge" was ruined by EA's last patch, I just had to come up with a new challenge. Not just any challenge, but one where I could play a male again, (because I rarely play a male character as the main character), and where he could try to do some woohooing!! So that's what inspired this challenge! I give you my ....."Justa Gigolo Challenge"!!  So now I'll just give you the Rules and points for the challenge!

"Justa Gigolo Challenge!" by Myaa Sim

The Sims 4: *New* Justa Gigolo Challenge! - Part 1

Rules and Point System

So, you are "justa gigolo" looking for some women to share your love with! You are young, and looking to play the field with everyone, before becoming an adult, and settling down with just one woman. Just how much lovin can you spread around before your playboy ways have to change, and your time runs out?! Can you be the ultimate playboy, the top scoring gigolo?! Get busy, and let's find out! :D

Your goal is to see how many points you can earn during your playboy gigolo years, before aging up to an adult. I will be keeping a list of players, and their points earned, on a scoreboard on my blog!! You can always do the challenge over if your score does not make the grade, or you get out scored and don't like that. :P

The rules:

1. Single male sim, young adult

2. Normal life span (You can not use any items that extend your life span)

3. Use your starting money however you want, but do not use a money cheat. You can purchase a business lot if you desire.

4. Your bedroom is the most special place in the house, so make it good!! This is where the most money should be spent.  (This is where the magic happens!)

5. You must find out if each female is single or married, before woohoo.

6. Your sim may not get into any kind of relationship. Married, engaged, or girlfriend!

7. No modded items can be used that give you an advantage towards woohooing or emotions. (In game objects that give emotional effects can be used, but you can not use cheats to acquire them) *Any mods that alters your characters behavior or gives your sim an advantage where romance or emotions are concerned are not allowed to be used. 

8. You may add/replace any venues, with a venue equipped with a "love" chamber! (hotel, nightclub, lounge) Bonus points earned for woohooing in these lots!

9. You can only woohoo with a sim once, unless the following happens:

  • It's a Booty Call
  •  You invite her on a date, have a gold date, then follow with an overnight visit
  •  Try for baby
  •  She comes knocking on your door for the first time

10. You can earn bonus points, for all the flirty buffs you have during each love session.  See below for other bonus points you can earn.

11. You must take a "cold shower" after each woohoo to clear off any flirty buffs before woohooing again. (Must get rid of all your flirty emotion buffs)

12. Booty Call!! If you get a phone call from one of your female sims, that's a booty call!! You may then go to their house, or make a date (not at your house) on a lot where you can woohoo. You will then receive Booty Call points.

13. One night stand by inviting a sim to "stay overnight". See below for bonus points earned.

14. If a Sim you have woohooed with before comes to your door, you may invite her in and woohoo one more time with her. You earn bonus points only. Anytime after the first, you must perform the following mean interactions: "cold shoulder", "criticize woohoo techinques", and "brush off". When she is angry ask her to leave.

15. Aside from being penalized points for every child you have, you must also pay child support. $100 simoleons for each child fathered, to be paid on bill day. (You must buy a cookie jar for each $100 simoleons :D )
16. You want to be discreet and not flaunt your romances where you may be seen by others you romantically involved with.  This could cause jealously/embarrassment, and is to be avoided. :D So if you see someone coming better hide in the bushes!! :D You will be penalized for causing a sim to get jealous, and causing the other sim to be embarrassed! So don't cause a scene! :P You will be banned from ever woohooing with either of these two sims again! :D

17. If you are woohooing with a married sim, and the spouse catches you, then you are penalized points for getting caught, and do not get any points for that woohoo. Also, you can never woohoo with that sim again. Best of all, you must now treat the husband/spouse as an enemy! If you see them somewhere near you, you must perform a mean action to them.

18. If you are successful in woohooing with members of the same family, you earn bonus points, which are down below. (Thanks to RozzyB (WizardOfRoz)@RozzyKCB on Twitter, for inspiring this addition to the rules)

19. Have a fun time with this Challenge, and please enjoy yourself! :D

My thanks to a nice simmer named CleoSim , who made us a score sheet for the Justa Gigolo Challenge. You can download it here:

Sims 4 Gigolo Challenge Point Sheet Total.ods 11 KB

This challenge uses points rewarded for woohooing and different scenarios. Also, certain penatlies may be applied, and deducted from your score.

The Base Points:

  1. Base points for woohooing with a single female =  5 pts
  2. Base points for woohooing with a married female = 20 pts
  3. Base points for woohooing with an elder female = 15 pts
  4. Base points for woohooing with an alien female = 5 pts
  5. Base points for woohooing with a ghost female = 15 pts (may change)

The Bonus Points:

  1. Bonus points for 1st woohoo with that sim =  +15 pts
  2. Bonus points for +Flirty emotion buffs on your sim at time of woohoo =  X # of +Flirty pts
  3. Bonus points for completely satisfied woohoo = +5 pts
  4. Bonus points for extremely satisfied woohoo = +10 pts
  5. Bonus points for risky woohoo, which means try for baby = +50 pts
  6. Bonus points for woohooing in a Venue = +10 pts
  7. Bonus points for woohooing during/after a gold date = +25 pts
  8. Bonus points for woohooing within the same family = +10 pts
  9. Booty Call points = +15 pts
  10. One night stand (Overnight visit) points = 15 pts 

The Penalty Points:

  1. Penatly points deducted for unsatisfied woohoo =  minus 5 pts
  2. Penatly points deducted for death of a sim from woohoo/exhaustion =  minus 100 pts
  3. Penatly points deducted for each baby from risky woohoo/or woohoo = minus 25 pts
  4. Penatly points for getting caught woohooing a married sim = minus 50 pts (no points given for that woohoo)